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What’s The Best Type of Marijuana For You

This basic breakdown will help you determine what marijuana products are best for your needs.

Strains and Phenotypes

Your first decision is to decide what strain is best for you. Strains can be narrowed down into three categories:

• Cannabis Indica – The choice for those who wish for a substantial body high that kills pain and assists in heavy sleep. Indica is best for consuming at night in a relaxed, non-social setting.
• Cannabis Sativa – Ideal cannabis selections for those who crave mental and physical energy while still enjoying the euphoric effects of THC. Sativas are best smoked in the daytime and social environments.
• Hybrids – Combinations of Sativa and Indica with varying levels of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids giving each unique effects.

When you see the hundreds of wacky names of cannabis, these are labels of a plant’s phenotype. This is a plant of one of the three classes above that has been grown using different combinations of parents, resulting in unique effects, aromas, flavors, and appearance.

Methods of Consumption

Just as different strains can alter your experience, so can the way you get cannabis into your system. There are four common ways to get your cannabis fix, each with their advantages:

• Smoking – A quick and easy way to ingest cannabis and doesn’t require the same learning curve than vaping or edibles.
• Vaporizing – Vaporizing reduces the lung punch of smoking and makes the taste of certain, more pungent strains far more pleasant. Vaporizing can also be more relaxing and enjoyable than smoking, especially if using a portable/personal vaporizer.
• Edibles – Edibles forego the inhalation of cannabis altogether, instead of being absorbed by the digestive system and processed by the liver. Edibles create a different, more body heavy and euphoric effect than smoking or vaping. Edibles are easier to dose more carefully to facilitate more consistent effects.
• Topicals – Except for some THC dense patches, topicals deliver cannabinoids to the skin and nerve endings but not the bloodstream. The result is pain, skin irritation and inflammation relief without the psychoactive effects of other methods.

Don’t Stop Exploring

New products are emerging every day! Sample new strains as they become available, taking advantage of pre-rolls or gram bags. And keep your eyes open for specials, allowing you to try new products at a discount.

Explore your many cannabis options at High Level Health! We can introduce you to different phenotypes and methods of consumption to address your unique taste, style, medical needs and guide us to your personalized cannabis sweet spot. Stop by our dispensaries on East Colfax Ave or Lincoln Street in Denver, CO and be sure to ask about our daily specials.

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