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Wedding Cake Will Make You Want To Marry This Flower

Herb Hightower here continuing our flower strain review for High Level Health’s award-winning cannabis and it only makes sense that Wedding Cake is our next review considering we did a Valentine’s Day special flower strain review on our love affair with Papa Smurph

Thinking back to all the weddings I’ve been to in my life and of all the wedding cakes I’ve sampled from white cake and white frosting to fruit centers to red velvet, gross, and many more, they’ve all had something in common. That commonality is a tooth shocking, diabetes influencing sweetness that gives you a sugar high and the subsequent crash. High Level Health’s Wedding Cake is no exception to the sweet shock mandated by every happy couple’s prize treat. The Wedding Cake strain is, after all, a marriage of two of the very best sweet cannabis strains, Girl Scout Cookies, and Cherry Pie. 

As always with these strain reviews, we’ll focus on appearance, smell, taste with and without flame, and effects of high. The THC-loaded flower upon first glance appears to be, hilariously, in the shape of little pine trees and while the consumption hadn’t even taken place yet I cracked up at the similarity. Like seriously, if these nugs were enlarged they’d make perfect Christmas trees and because of the frostiness, that is sure to be where the sweetness is housed, it looks like little Christmas tree lights. Enough of the appearance for now but seriously the pot is a pine tree straight out of the Rocky Mountain High forest.

On to the aroma and as I jammed my nose into the cannabis container I again noticed sweet, fruity flavor surely provided by the Cherry Pie strain that made me rush to put this delightful smell to the test. So, I ground the little pine tree, packed a freshly cleaned bowl halfway and took a pull without the flame first. My tastebuds were overcome with a sweet, spearmint flavor that I half expected to be more of white frosting, white cake with a fruit level flavor judging by the smell. Next, I put flame to the candy-like cannabis and my first hit was rewarded with a pure, golden clean hit. The song “White Lines” from the Grandmaster Flash quickly entered my head after the catchy line about being “pure as the driven snow!” 

I keep the number of hits to four when reviewing cannabis flower and each and every one of my tokes matched that level of pure cleanliness. The effects of the high potency chronic, weighing in at a Max THC value of 28.33%, didn’t sedate me as much as I heard it might and I was able to get some stuff done but only because I had to as I would have much preferred holding down the couch so it didn’t fly away. So, it was a manageable stoning. 

Here’s to hoping the next wedding I attend is more of a weeding and I’m lucky enough to be served High Level Health’s pure Wedding Cake instead of that disgusting red velvet!

Sincerely Stoned, 

Herb Hightower

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