movies to watch after you smoke cannabis

Top 5 Movies to Watch After You Smoke

Cannabis and movies go hand in hand, and we wanted to take a moment to list out 5 of the best movies to watch after you smoke, dab, or ingest some edibles. The movies on this list have some cannabis theme, and or provide some amazing visuals to enjoy while feeling the effects of your favorite strain.

The List of Five Movies to Watch on Marijuana

Half Baked

A classic tale of stoner woes, Kenny gets arrested and locked up for accidentally killing a diabetic police horse by feeding it the munchies he bought for the crew on his food run. The guys have to figure out how to get him out of jail. A botched marijuana robbery at Thurgood’s work, a run in with a competing drug dealer named Sampson Simpson, and a love interest round out this amazingly funny stoner comedy.

Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke is the tale of two stoners in California and their mission to score some cannabis. A run-in with a drug-dealing veteran named Strawberry, getting deported to Mexico accidentally, and then smuggling drugs back to the US in a delivery van made of cannabis under the watch of the Feds makes this the classic stoner movie.

Dazed and Confused

Set in Texas in the 70s Dazed and Confused takes place on the last full day of school for seniors and incoming freshman. See how times were different then, the clothes, the drugs, the parties and the cars. Co-starring the likes of Mathew McConaughy, Ben Affleck, and Milla Jovovich before they were huge stars, this is a great movie all around… Party at the Moontower ya’ll!

The 5th Element

Another movie starring the incredible Milla Jovovich, The 5th Element also stars Bruce Willis and Chris Tucker. Set in the future and in space, the main character must protect the elemental stones and the 5th Element herself from the bad guys to save the universe! Amazing visuals and one of the best music/fight scenes ever during the Divas performance make this another great movie to watch after smoking.

Pineapple Express

Seth Rogan and pals are at it again. A deadbeat process server played by Rogan is intertwined into a drug-dealing web when he witnesses a murder. Cameos by a lot of famous, hilarious people, and a few not so famous combined with a cannabis theme and culminating in a shootout at secret cannabis grow facility make this comedy another great choice to watch after you smoke.

If you like comedy, funny movies and or action, there is something for everyone on this list go here to find out the best places to stream the movies. Be sure to stop into High Level Health beforehand to get some of the best cannabis and cannabis products available from the best Denver dispensary to set you in the right mood for a movie. Check out the about us page on our site and don’t forget to take advantage of our specials, as we always have great deals!

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