Super Lemon Haze Infused Cannabis Preroll

THCa Infused Prerolled Joint

THCa Infused Preroll Review

With spring finally upon us after a long, cold, dark winter it’s time to enjoy all the new beginnings that the new season brings us like longer daylight, flowers, and of course, THCa infused prerolled joints from High Level Health, the most awarded dispensary in Colorado and Michigan! Thanks for tuning in and joining me, Herb Hightower, for another cannabis strain review, and this time we’re rolling up some fun and taking a High Level Health’s new, infused preroll joint out for a test drive. 

I’ll be honest, concentrates are still a little foreign to me. I grew up a strict flower connoisseur so I know how wading through the many options of concentrates can be overwhelming. However, learning more about concentrates and the wonderful opportunities that are presented to us by today’s amazing dispensary laboratories and their awesome teams has been a blast. Diving in feet first into the concentrates pool is similar to picking up a band that is new to you that has twelve hit albums previously produced, it’s non-stop fun trying out all the new music. We are at such a cool point in the green revolution that we have these evolving concentrate offerings that years ago seemed only available in an overseas Narnia, yes we’re looking at you Amsterdam!   

Super Lemon Haze Infused Preroll Joint

THCa Joint

So, here we are with the cannabis world at our fingertips and what a wonderful time it is where we can mix our past passion for flower and joints with our new love for delectably strong concentrates. Today I was lucky enough to sample something that is new to the shelves at your local High Level Health dispensary, a dank, THCa infused preroll joint and it was amazing. 

So, what exactly is that, right? Well, Super Lemon Haze was the flower, which is a Sativa, and then before that strain is rolled into a joint a finely ground THCa powder is sprinkled over the flower and homogenized or thoroughly mixed then rolled to perfection. Taking a further step back, what is THCa? Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid or THCa is by itself non-psychoactive and is basically the precursor to THC which is definitely psychoactive meaning it is the ingredient that produces the high effect.    

Super Lemon Haze Infused Preroll Strain Review

If you’ve read our previous strain reviews you know these cannabis reviews focus on appearance, smell, taste, effects of high. 

Super Lemon Haze Infused Preroll Appearance

First off, kudos to the roller of this potent preroll it was a very nice, light roll that stayed lit but didn’t over-deliver on the goods. Upon further examination, I could see through the paper to the flower and what appeared to be super tiny white dots of THCa which was when I knew I was in for a hell of a time. 

Strain Aroma

Even through the paper, the lemon from the Super Lemon Haze came through with a wonderful whiff. Along with the lemon was an accompanied bubble gum type aroma. 

Flower Taste

Being a prerolled joint the taste wasn’t as identifiable as a glass bowl might be so it wasn’t pristine but did have noticeable citrus exhale and after a couple of hits, it tasted a little like a vape pen which I assumed was the THCa. 

Cannabis Effects

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect as this is a new product so I took it slow. From the wrapper on the preroll canister, I noticed the THCa infused joint delivers a Max THC of 34.7% so I was happy to wade into the waters vs jump right in. Although the THC rating is super high, I’d describe the high effects as clean and focused that lasted a really long time. After almost two hours when I thought I was done with the effects I laid down to catch up on some of the Ozark’s series and I was treated to some of the most amazing body highs I’ve ever felt. In my horizontal position, I seriously had the sensation that my body was floating, so fun.

As far as recommendations I’d suggest a THCa infused preroll for a cool clear night when you want to do some soul searching or star gazing to get to the bottom of it all because when you’re done figuring out what life’s all about you can kick your feet up and melt into your favorite, comfortable resting place like never before. 

Enlightened and Infused, 

Herb Hightower

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