rocky flats hybrid strain

Rocky Flats Hybrid Strain Bringing Relief To Colorado In Many Ways

Rocky Flats Cannabis

I had never heard of the Rocky Flats area of Colorado before but I am not a native to Colorado, doesn’t seem like many of us are. I’m wondering if natives were aware or not of this area of Colorado’s dark past? Rocky Flats, located in central Colorado just northwest of Denver, is now a wildlife refuge governed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services with a smaller section in the center of the refuge off-limits to the public but owned by the U.S. Department of Energy. That smaller off-limits section is the “Central Operable Unit” consisting of what used to be a nuclear plant specializing in creating, get this of all things, plutonium. That plutonium was then shipped to other areas of the US to be used as the centerpiece in the creation of nuclear weapons from 1952 to 1992.


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What? Yes, you just read that right, Colorado’s front range was a huge player in the production of nuclear weapons after World War II. Plutonium if you didn’t know is a highly radioactive chemical, PU on the Periodic Table for all you scientists out there. Picture workers in the 50-80s with those glove boxes, like Homer Simpson with his arms in the gloves looking through the window in the Simpsons’ series intro, and you’ll get a sense of what kind of work was being done at Rocky Flats. As you can imagine that area is off-limits to Coloradoans for a reason because Plutonium is nasty stuff and this site has to be consistently monitored so we don’t have an environmental disaster in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Colorful Colorado!

Rocky Flats Strain And Its CBD Health Benefits

Now that we’ve had our history lesson let’s get down to the reason for this post, which is to review a special cannabis flower grown by local High Level Health dispensaries to provide relief. This relief comes in the form of a cause to help spread awareness for the cleanup process of the Rocky Flats area of Colorado, more can be found under our strain page for Rocky Flats. In addition to the awareness cause, this cannabis strain also provides our customers with relief and healing in the form of a 1:1 and 2:1 THC to CBD ratio. CBD consumption has been linked to possibly providing aid for everything from anxiety to aches and pains with some research even indicating the prevention of cancer cell regrowth.  

Rocky Flats Strain Review

Our strain reviews focus on appearance, smell, taste, effects of high and in this case effects of CBD. All cannabis flower for this review has been purchased from the High Level Health dispensaries in Denver, Colorado although our Michigan dispensaries have a lot of the same wonderful marijuana products.  

Rocky Flats Appearance

Rocky Flats Strain

Rocky Flats buds are dainty, similar to small popped popcorn bursting from inside my High Level Health cylinder cannabis canister. These dense, CBD-packed buds are bright green with some dark green and orange leaves and hairs attempting to make their way through the nug’s stoutness. There is a dusting of low-level trichomes and breaking apart the buds comes easily when it’s time to test the flower’s aroma. 

Strain Aroma

Rocky Flats flower has an aroma profile of tart lemon and orange citrus. Upon grinding the cannabis flower, Rocky Flats opened up a little but it is still a soft-smelling cannabis, not as wildly strong scented as one of its parents, the award-winning Mimosa

Flower Taste

Rocky Flats possess not only a mild aroma but also a mild flavor as well. When I lit the flower packed loosely in my glass bowl there was little to no harsh sensation what-so-ever. As mentioned, this strain is a cross between Mimosa and C4, a great medical strain, so it does have some citrus candy type tastes going on but not much more than that. 

Cannabis Effects

Rocky Flats produces a lovely, level, and mellow high with a Max THC of 14.20% and Total CBD between 7-10%. I’ll admit I do dabble in CBD for many reasons but the number one is CBD has shown to ease my anxiety. Now I’m not an overly stressed individual but CBD makes a noticeable difference in my mood. The CBD is evident in this strain and although I do use CBD I rarely smoke it so it was a weird sensation where I kept waiting for the heavy stoning to come on like when you are taken to the next level and clearly feeling the effects. Now with Rocky Flats, I did get a high sensation but it never went beyond a calm high. The effects never led me to the high side we’ve come to know and love but I definitely teetered which was an awesome change of pace that I’m excited to explore more especially the older I get.

I’d recommend this for when kids are around and you just want to take the edge off while not calling attention to yourself or to mix in with other bowls for an additional CBD effect.

Amazingly, Rocky Flats is going for $5 an eighth right now at the Denver dispensary on Lincoln St. so make a visit before that special runs out. Also, for more on the cleanup efforts by the Rocky Flats Downinders please check out a previous news post we release on our website.   

Nuclearly Content, 

Herb Hightower

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