Race Fuel OG Sativa Cannabis

Race Fuel OG To Supercharge Your New Year

Race Fuel OG Sativa Cannabis Review

2021 is here, so long 2020 it’s time to go, and New Year’s resolutions are still being met, for now! So, how do you super-charge your New Year and keep that momentum going for another eleven and a half months? With Race Fuel OG of course because it’s so much better than coffee. My name is Herb Hightower and I’ve spent the last week experimenting with a High Level Health strain called Race Fuel OG to see if it has the motivating makeup to provide the energy to get stuff done in 2021.

As we struggle to get in our newly created routines nervous energy can build up from a massive list to-do-list. Incorporating cannabis into your wellness routine can help ease the stress surrounding mounting to-do-lists. Race Fuel OG is heralded for its energy boost as well as being a valuable anxiety and pain reliever which just might help get your workout routine, life goals, or latest house project back on track.

Race Fuel OG Strain Review

Our strain reviews focus on appearance, smell, taste, and effects of high and all cannabis flower for these reviews is purchased from the High Level Health dispensaries in Denver, Colorado although our Michigan dispensaries have a lot of the same wonderful marijuana products.

Race Fuel OG Cannabis Strain

Cannabis Appearance

Race Fuel OG has long, non-symmetrical, loose buds. The distinctive pale green with orange highlights and sparse purple leaves are a signature color for this strain. The paleness is provided by a layer of trichome dusting.

Strain Aroma

This strain has an aroma profile similar to a light mandarin orange smell with earthy undertones. The orange aroma is different from all the other heavy citrus smells that come with today’s strains so enjoy the uniqueness!

Flower Taste

Make sure your glass piece is cleaned if you would like to truly taste Race Fuel OG because the strain’s flavor isn’t as distinct as the aroma. With clean glass, this light-flavored cannabis has a diesel beginning but ends with a clear pine and low-level spice finish.

Cannabis Effects

Race Fuel OG

Race Fuel OG is a cross between High Octane OG x Race Off OF BX1 that is hard-ish to come by. This delectable strain produces a strong Sativa high with a Max THC of 22.10%. Right at the onset, the effects are intensely invoking a tight chested, mildly racy, an influx of energy generally said to taper off but my experiences have been after a week with Race Fuel that the energy keeps going well beyond two hours.

I’d recommend this energy-packed cannabis strain to those who like to exercise with cannabis. Or, for those of us that are forced into a work-from-home situation but get nothing done with the COVID pandemic because our kids are homeschooling in the house during the day and the only time to focus is at night! Here’s to incorporating cannabis into our New Year’s routine and making 2021 better than 2020, which shouldn’t be hard.


New Year New You,

Herb Hightower

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