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Platinum Valley Spirit Weed

It’s flower strain review time and Herb Hightower is hunting for a weed spirit animal! High Level Health’s award-winning, Platinum Valley is the strain and it’s time to make a connection like that crazy Avatar movie with the ponytail hair fusing thing. 

Platinum Valley Nugs

I’ve been looking for my spirit animal of weed my entire adolescent to adult life. With all these amazing marijuana strains to choose from, I’ve wanted “my” strain. One I can always get consistent results with. A strain I feel great consuming with no anxiety and one that I can wake up the next morning and not have to dig out the cobwebs in the head. Everyone should have a spirit animal of weed, with all these strain choices I feel like we should all have marijuana that is a perfect fit catered towards what we need. After spending a couple of days with Platinum Valley I know I’ve found my weed spirit animal. One that I connect with, chronic that treats me right, and bud that represents Herb in the world of ganja. So cool.  

As always with these strain reviews, we’ll focus on appearance, smell, taste with and without flame, and effects of high. So, what do these frosty nugs look like? These buds were short squatty, orange peel wrapped and trichome dusted to look like they came out of a rainforest-like a real one where all sorts of plants grow on top of each other. 

Now for the aroma! I found it strange for something so green to smell so much like lemon tang. There were also deep notes of forest scent but not like a single pine tree which weed smells like but an actual gigantic big-bodied pine forest. 

The aroma and appearance were nice, especially the surprisingly clear lemon zest, but the effects were what led me to finally finding my weed spirit animal. This long-lasting Sativa, weighing in at a Max THC value of 24.00%, left me super creative like my mind was thinking a million miles a minute, not in a bad way either you know, more like Alan from the Hangover when he takes the casino for all their money. Quick example, I reorganized the entire garage in my mind and knew things would fit in their new places without measuring because of Platinum Valley, yeah it’s like that. Potentially the best part about this, and there are a lot of best parts, was I felt no anxiety during the effects or hangover the next day which is rarely the case. 

Here’s to finding your weed spirit animal!

Spirit Animal Engaged, 

Herb Hightower

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