Papaya Punch Cannabis Flower

Papaya Punch Tropical Getaway

What’s up party people, Herb Hightower shaking it down for another installment of our cannabis flower reviews. With the summer solstice behind us and as we enter the dog days of summer dreaming of a vacation with umbrella drinks let’s get tropical with High Level Health’s most tropical strain, Papaya Punch

Papaya Fruit

If you are looking to nail a magazine cover donning the most colorful buds on the plant, you might very well choose this strain. Papaya Punch is the reggae-infused cross between Papaya and Purple Punch and oh how the purple does punch, painting each nug in the most righteous colors you’ve ever seen in the cannabis world. 

As always with these strain reviews, we’ll focus on appearance, smell, taste, and effects of high. Let’s start with the look and feel! With the lineage of the strain, it’s very clear there’s Purple Punch heritage involved. Along with the craziest purples you’ve ever seen in pot there are also three distinct colors of dark green, tufts of orange and glistening, creamy trichome heaven that make this strain about as cool to look at as it is to smoke. The colorful nugs in the recreational eighth I bought from the Lincoln street, Denver store were fluffy, not dense, and sticky as can be from the marshmallowy trichomes.  

Once I finally got past staring at this flower firework show I went in for a canister smell and the first aroma I pinpointed was lemon citrus. After a few more whiffs it became more of a grassy, lemony aroma with a slight orange blossom twist topped off with a hint of spiciness. After a quick cannabis grind I stuffed my trusty, recently cleaned glass bowl, and took a pull before I lit it and this Papaya Punch has a distinguishable citrus taste with unique spicy aftertastes. Now for the fun and as I broke my lighter out I wondered just what was about to happen when I lit this beautiful bud. The taste when I hit it with a lighter was actually very mild as the lemon and spiciness went away replaced by some earthy sweetness. 

Papaya Punch produces a mellow, super calm, relaxed, and partially motivated high. The effects are an excellent numbing sensation with a middle of the road head high weighing in at a Max THC value of 33.90%. I recommend this strain for people that don’t like strong tasting pot, it’s like a Marlboro light versus a red for the cigarette smokers out there, and a good strain for a group that wants to be able to maintain a conversation. 

Oh and I’ll leave you with this little interesting fact I stumbled onto when looking into Papayas…apparently papaya plants grow in three sexes, male (produces pollen never fruit), female (produces small, inedible fruits), and hermaphrodite (can self-pollinate since it’s flowers contain but male and female parts). So, all commercial papaya orchards contain only hermaphrodite plants.

Getting On Island Time, 

Herb Hightower

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