Papa Smurf Cannabis Strain Review

Love Is In The Air And Papa Smurph Has My Heart

Papa Smurph Flower Strain Review

Yes, getting ready for Valentine’s Day should certainly include getting the right ganja to set the mood. Leading up to Valentine’s Day I had considered all the choices at my disposal like should I go Indica or Sativa, do I want to be hyper or relaxed, should I laugh out loud or focus on the marijuana mistress across from me? All this stuff is important on the most romantic night of the year so I settled on Papa Smurph as the cannabis to consume for the evening’s festivities and I could not be more satisfied. For what it is worth Papa Smurph is the love child of SFV Headband and Flo hooking up deep in the loins of High Level Health’s masterful cannabis breeding grounds. 

As I weighed my options a few days ahead of the chocolate-filled holiday I came across Papa Smurph and although I had other choices that would do the trick this delectable strain jumped out at me like a little naked Cupid on a Hallmark card. So, when I opened up my glass jar of Papa Smurph Flower and took a whiff it’s no wonder the smell was sweet as can be but what I wasn’t prepared for was the spiciness that followed and woke up my senses. Taking the first nug out for closer examination I found this high-level pot to be dense and glistening with trichomes like the sexy bud we all want to be with. Armed with a freshly cleaned piece I jammed what I would describe as a perfectly dense, hearty bud into my blown glass and took a pull first without flame, to fully taste the delicious chronic, then with a light. My hit without a lighter produced a deep earthy, sweet flavor-packed taste but when I put fire to this grass a berry flavor overtook the initial earthy tones. The effects produced by the award-winning Papa Smurph allowed me to carry on a conversation with friends but still provided the hilariousness needed for a great time and this is when I knew it could get the job done on Valentine’s Day.  

This Valentine’s Day the prep has been done and when it’s time to set the marijuana mood I’m moving forward with Papa Smurph as my flower of choice and just like the great Expendables song off their 2004 album, Gettin’ Filthy, “Bowl For Two” says I packed this bowl for two and I’m gonna wanna smoke it with you!

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