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Top 5 Pandemic/Apocalypse Movies To Stream Paired With Our Award-Winning Cannabis Strains

Have some extra time these days? Ready to binge some movies but don’t have a theme? Herb Hightower’s got you covered with the Pandemic and Apocalypse movies you have to watch paired with the best cannabis to smoke for each thriller!

  1. Pandemic
    • A virus of epic proportions has overtaken the planet. LA becomes the set for this crazy, point of view film to rescue outbreak survivors. Nothing has prepared these not-so-lucky rescuers for the upcoming mayhem they are about to encounter. If you want to put yourself on the edge, and get a little weird, grab some of our Cookie Monster Indica flower because you’ll need it’s long-lasting effects on your system to get through this movie!
  2. 12 Monkeys
    • Crazy Brad Pitt! Bruce Willis doing what Bruce did in the 90s! I had no idea what this was all about the first five times I watched this movie back in the day but man this one is a trip re-watching it. The Army of the 12 Monkeys spreads a virus in a back and forth time-traveling cluster of a movie sure to mess with your head. A heavy Indica will help here, try our Wedding Cake strain to keep the 12 Monkeys away!
  3. Light Of My Life
    • Who doesn’t love Ben Affleck’s witty brother? Casey Affleck stars in this very cool, woodsy survival movie of father and daughter. Pretty awesome too that Casey Affleck also directed this movie but also gives us a little glimpse into Casey’s creepy vision of what a massive virus outbreak looks like. We recommend something with a happy, positive influence to get you through this dark, chase movie like the award-winning Mimosa Sativa cannabis strain. 
  4. Here Alone
    • Good golly we have to apologize for a couple of scenes in advance for this thriller, especially the mother and daughter feeding scene! Zombies galore in this one and you’ll need a “bucket” of our heavily awarded, signature Sativa strain, Platinum Valley, to come out on the other side of this one not as a zombie.
  5. Contagion
    • This movie man! Wow too close to where we are at now but obviously the worst, worst-case scenario. Either way, this 2011, start-studded cast puts on a smoker about a virus outbreak and tracing it from its conception. May need to watch this one with someone for protection and stick with a cannabis strain you know doesn’t cause paranoia. Try our happy-go-lucky Blue Dream Sativa to keep you motivated and focused with waves of creative energy that hit quickly and hard!  

Papa Smurph Strain

Parasite – Honorable mention here and it’s not really a pandemic movie but if you are up for some subtitles this may be the craziest movie of the year and IMDb loves it at 8.6 stars rating it as their overall 26th best movie. You’ll need an overall sense of well-being for this one, which is exactly what the Sativa Papa Smurph provides. 

Seriously Stoned, 

Herb Hightower

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