Mandarin Cannabis Cookie Review

Mandarin Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

Mandarin Cookies Cannabis Review

My name is Herb Hightower and first and foremost I hope everyone’s 420 holiday was fabulous. What an amazing time to be alive when we can stroll down to our local dispensary and grab an eighth of marijuana to celebrate, responsibly, with other like-minded individuals. With that being said, I’m on a, hopefully, never-ending journey to try, test, and enjoy the best cannabis flower that Colorado and Michigan dispensaries have to offer. During this taste testing tour, I’m sharing my experiences with you for just what to expect if you get these amazing flower strains in your hands and what these strains have to offer recreational and medical cannabis consumers.

Weed highs and marijuana, in general, come in all shapes and sizes with all sorts of benefits. Some offer the amazing giggles that attracted all of us to cannabis from the beginning. Others provide relaxation and escape from anxiety and depression. While some others have the amazing ability, aided by CBD, to relieve pain and inflammation, think about that one for a bit, marijuana is so cool. Then there are some strains of cannabis that spark creativity and boost energy affecting both the mind and body which is where this review will focus on.   

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to spend the last week experimenting with and reviewing a sweet High Level Health hybrid strain called Mandarin Cookies.

Mandarin Cookies Strain


Mandarin Cookies Strain Review

During these reviews, we channel our hazy thoughts around some key components of cannabis consumption including, aroma, taste, appearance, and effects. The cannabis for all our reviews was purchased from the High Level Health dispensaries in Denver, Colorado although our Michigan dispensaries have a lot of the same award-winning marijuana products.  

Mandarin Cookies Appearance

Mandarin Cookies is a looker. This Sativa dominant Hybrid has buds that are half forest green and half orange where the two colors intersect seamlessly and it’s hard to tell when one stops and the different color starts. Cover in sparkly trichomes and somewhat loose and pillowy, these tightly trimmed buds command a magnifying glass or at least a phone pic. Mandarin Cookies is very similar in appearance and aroma to the award-winning Mimosa

Strain Aroma

Mandarin Cookies, not to be confused with another strain named after a cookie, the tasty Cookie Monster strain, has an aroma profile similar to a tangy citrus fruit with a little skunk mixed in. The dominant terpene is myrcene for all your terp lovers, which I’m one of you! 

Flower Taste

I always clean my bowl before a strain review because flower tastes so much better with a clean bowl, like night and day different and part of the fun of great, top-shelf marijuana is the taste. Mandarin Cookies is a cross between Cookies x Mandarin Sunset and has an excellent, light flavor profile with a sour citrus aftertaste.

Cannabis Effects

Mandarin Cookies produces a lovely, level, and energized high with a Max THC of 23.00%. One thing to note is this strain is a very good option to smoke because it is extra smooth with little to no coughing. The effects were long-lasting, euphoric, morale-boosting, and just simply put a smile on my face.

With a good mixture of aroma, potency, and appearance I’d recommend this Hybrid, Sativa dominant strain for unwinding from a long week and a change of pace when you have too much on your mind or even for some headache relief when nothing else will do the trick. Thanks for reading and enjoy responsibly. 

Dessert Monster, 

Herb Hightower

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