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Lemon Topaz S-1 Flower Sparkles Like A Rocky Mountain Gem

Herb Hightower checking back in with you all after some time spent in the citrus gem high country of Lemon Topaz S-1. Thanks for tuning in for this cannabis flower strain review and this time the setting is a wonderful hiking trail in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains with some Lemon Topaz S-1 nugs.

Lemon Topaz S-1 Strain

Hiking while stoned can be dangerous and I’m not advocating that you go get lost in the woods high as giraffe balls on stilts but in a controlled setting with a sober driver, stoned hiking is a surreal experience that will bring you closer to nature and re-energize your soul. You know that sense of accomplishment when you get to the end of the hike or summit a mountain, feels pretty good right? Well, the last week or so I’ve spent some time hiking and reflecting with the wonderful bud Lemon Topaz S-1 I picked up at a High Level Health dispensary, and every time I smoke this weed I get that awesome high like I’ve just done something amazing even off the hiking trail.  

So, after four hikes and many bowls finished, let’s come out from our Rocky Mountain high to break down the fabulous flower, Lemon Topaz S-1 while focusing on appearance, aroma, taste, and effects of high. 

Upon examining these loose, light, and fluffy buds it’s clear there are multiple shades of green making up these nugs with a medium level of trichome dusting. If I had to point to an unusual part of this cannabis it’d be the orange blades most closely related to arm hairs. I know, silly reference right but with most buds I’ve come across recently the orange hairs tend to encircle the rest of the flower but these orange hairs are funny as they jut away from the bud like someone’s arm hairs. Funny to think about arm hair and then move onto smell but that’s what we’re doing! The aroma was overwhelming lemon, surprise, but what was a surprise was a faint trace of cinnamon that joined the lemon. When tasting, I find it helpful to pack a clean, freshly ground bowl and hit it without the flame first because the taste is much purer than once it’s burnt. So, when I did that it tasted like fresh, lemon toothpaste, not sure I’ve ever seen let alone had lemon toothpaste but that’s what it tasted like. Once I lit this 25.57 Max THC premium cannabis, everything about the hit was first class down to the color of the smoke and the clean, earthy aftertaste. After four hits or so the effects gave me a cool, sense of accomplishment.

Old Herb recommends this Sativa for public stoniness because you can carry on a conversation with non-stoned people and for Sativa this strong that’s a great pat on the back for Lemon Topaz S-1. Here’s to getting high, high up in the mountains. 

High Country Goodbye,

Herb Hightower

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