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How To Pass A Drug Test For Weed

This week’s blog post is from Herb Hightower’s column bringing together the cannabis community through strain reviews, tips and tricks, and industry updates.

Drug Testing For Weed

How To Pass A Drug Test For Weed

The internet is a funny place to search for information on how to pass a drug test for weed. A quick online search and you’ll find everything from snake oil to tiger urine. On top of the endless and overwhelming resources, you’ll undoubtedly experience a great deal of stress because the majority of times you’re face-to-face with a drug test it is usually for a job you’d like to land. So, with money on the line and your future at stake, what really works and what is just a waste of time, energy, and money?  

Hop on board with Herb Hightower as we explore the right and wrong way to pass your next drug test.

My Personal Random Drug Test Story

Speaking of wrong ways, I write this article possessing personal experience from a blunder in drug testing. Many years ago when I was a juvenile, halfway to being a juvenile delinquent, my number was once called for a random drug test. A test that under any other circumstances I would fail miserably. My employer for this summer job was the local power plant. Picture Homer Simpson with less nuclear power and danger involved but still a power plant. One person, out of a company of over 100 employees, each month was called in for a random drug test. Being a summer employee, I only worked there for three months out of a year but somehow my number was called in, I suspect because of my long hair and mischievous youthfulness but management bashfully disagreed. 

The morning of my random urine analysis (UA) at the power plant the director came to me, I’ll never forget it, and hilariously told me I had won the company lottery. To this day 25 some years later I find it comical that he congratulated me for winning the lottery but at the time I had no idea what that meant. He went on to say I was randomly selected to immediately go to the hospital and perform a drug test. So, we packed up and headed to the hospital but I needed an ID as a technicality. So, my manager drove me to my parent’s house where I went in to “get” my ID which I already had on me. At the house, I grabbed a small mason jar, the only thing I could find, and put warm water and lemon bleach in the mason jar as I remembered hearing bleach can kill about anything including heavy amounts of THC in urine. Now, where to hide it? My pants of course! 

We arrive at the hospital and walk in, miraculously, without the boss hearing the water sloshing back and forth in the mason jar. As my name is called I go into the bathroom where I was directed to not use the sink or flush the toilet. Once behind locked doors I quickly poured the lemon concoction into the test tube and went about my business. Upon completion, I proudly presented it to the hospital staff my specimen and they unscrewed the lid on the test tube to add some drops and that is when it hit the whole room like a wave of lemony cleanliness. To my surprise, the four people in the room didn’t bat an eye as if they appreciated the lemon blast. To this day I still do not know how I passed that test. No one ever contacted me and I went about my business at the local power plant as if I passed the test with flying colors even though at the time, my system was as full of THC as Cheech and Chong in their heydays. 

Once You’ve Consumed, How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

We aren’t always as lucky as my power plant story and it pays to know how long THC, the main psychoactive component in cannabis that is singled out in a UA for weed, stays in your system to be able to pass a drug test. Currently, testing for THC is primarily performed through urine analysis. However, there are other ways to test and each has its own window for how long weed shows up in your system, see below and use it as a broad guide for passing drug tests. 

  • Saliva Test: Up To 72 Hours
  • Urine Test: Up To 45 Days
  • Blood Test: Up To 36 Hours
  • Hair Test: Up To 90 Days

Do Drug Tests Look For CBD? 

Currently, the majority of tests on the market do not look for cannabidiol(CBD) as CBD is not illegal and will not pose a risk to your failing a drug test to land a job or keep your job. 

What Factors Contribute To Weed Staying In Your System Longer? 

Primarily the quantity consumed contributes to the length of time it takes for marijuana to pass through your system. For instance, someone who only consumes pot once a month might pass a urine analysis in just three days. Little research has been done on how much a person has to smoke to fail a drug test but what is consistent is heavy enthusiasts fail drug tests much more frequently than occasional consumers. So, assume the numbers above per test are the top end and what a cannabis-friendly individual would need to sustain in order to pass a test for pot.  

Other contributing factors for how long weed stays in your system are your body mass index(BMI) and metabolism. BMI plays a crucial role in how long weed stays in your system. THC binds to our fat molecules so the fatter you are the more THC can hang around. It also makes sense that how fast you metabolize what you consume may extend or minimize the length of time THC stays in your system. So, if you are overweight, with a slow metabolism, take bong hits daily and have a UA drug test coming up in a week we have some ideas to help you get clean in a hurry!

Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Passing A THC Drug Test 

  • Herbal All-Natural Detox Products On Amazon 

These are the highest reviewed detox products on the Amazon marketplace and a good place to start if you need to get clean fast, some products claim less than 2 days. 

Detoxify Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse – Over five thousand four-star reviews

Complete Body Cleanse – Over seven thousand four-star reviews


Detoxification Program with a choose-your-own-adventure style website aimed at finding out what you are trying to achieve and then the company generates a program for you based on your timeline. This product has been featured on High Times, Leafly, and Vice so it has their backing. 

  • Sustaining – Not Smoking Or Consuming

Duh right? Although this isn’t conducive to those who depend on marijuana for its many health benefits or for those who enjoy the recreational aspects the drug provides it is the most effective way at passing your next drug test. 

What Doesn’t Work

Friends, the Internet, and the Black Market will swear by unproven tactics like Niacin, Certo, Vinegar, and Sure Jell. These are all proven to NOT work and potentially harm your body. Don’t waste your time or your energy with these.

Thanks for reading and if you are faced with a must-pass drug test we hope this article gave you some guidance, knowledge, and reassurance as you go through the process.

Good Luck! 

Herb Hightower

Herb Hightower is a freelance writer, and cannabis connoisseur reporting on all things cannabis for High Level Health.

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