how to make pot brownies from cannaoil flower

How To Make Pot Brownies From Cannaoil Flower

This week’s blog post is from Herb Hightower’s column bringing together the cannabis community through strain reviews, tips and tricks, and industry updates.

How To Make Pot Brownies From Cannaoil Flower

So, you’ve successfully extracted the amazing psychoactive chemicals from the cannabis plant and somehow miraculously adhered them to oil creating one of the most versatile cannabis cooking ingredients on the planet, congratulations! You’re on your way to making cooking fun again and if you’ve done it right you have a good amount of cannaoil you can experiment adding into all sorts of foods for the next couple of months. But as you clean up your science-infusing experiment it might be tempting to toss out your spent cannabis flower after you’ve presumably stripped all the amazing life out of the marijuana but not so fast that spent flower or cannabis pulp can make some out-of-this-world pot brownies! My name is Herb Hightower with High Level Health dispensaries and today we are cooking some of the dankest pot brownies you’ve had in a long time.

What Is Cannaoil And Cannabutter?

Now you’ve undoubtedly heard the term cannabutter or cannaoil but if you’ve never made it you might be wondering what exactly it is? Infusing cannabis into butter or oil does take time and patience but is an easy process that is amazingly rewarding and a super versatile way to spice up any culinary experience. Essentially, you are slowly heating up cannabis flower, decarboxylation, so that you remove the awesome chemicals from the marijuana and add them to some form of fatty substance, ie. butter or oil. Then, with the THC infused oil you can saute vegetables, top off salads, or really substitute for any recipe that calls for oil like pot brownies! Try our cannaoil recipe here.

College Pot Brownies!

Pot Brownies

This blog post goes full circle from college pot brownies to educated, culinary cannabis chef, back to college pot brownies but for a good reason. Long before this infusion of olive oil with cannabis I took my first shot at making cannabutter, a recipe found here. After I had completed the process I didn’t know any better and I threw away the spent cannabis flower that was strained from the butter, a rookie mistake. However, when I made cannabis oil I thought let’s take a trip down memory lane and go back to college! What’s the worst that could happen from taking an ounce of award-winning High Level Health spent flower used to make cannaoil and instead of throwing it away mixing it into a batch of brownies?

Now, I call these brownies with the spent cannabis flower in them, college pot brownies, because we all had that one friend that dumped a quarter of brick weed into brownie mix at one point in our lives, my experience happened to be in college. At that point, this aspiring cannabis chef way ahead of their time probably wasn’t even qualified to make brownies let alone pot brownies. So, the end product this acquaintance concocted was one that maaaybe did the trick but had you digging stems out of your teeth for the next ten minutes and never quite got the taste out of your mouth no matter how many Natural Lights you consumed.

Cookies With Cannabis Flower

Fast forward from your early experience of stems and seeds in your pot brownies to the present day and age and this time around you’ve just made some killer cannaoil or even cannabutter and you’re wondering what to do with that leftover flower or if there is anything left in it that is worthwhile? Well, I’m here to say DO NOT THROW IT AWAY! Although there are many uses for that spent cannabis might I suggest giving college pot brownies a try? Store-bought brownie mixes are super cheap and super easy to make. Just follow the directions on the box and then take your spent cannabis flower and toss it into the mixture and bake! If you follow our recipe for cannaoil, you’ll have one ounce of leftover cannabis pulp to add to your brownie mixture and the amount of THC left is plenty enough to give your brownies a THC turbo boost that would have otherwise been thrown away. Pro-tip, break down your pulp even more in a blender or food processor so your brownies have a better consistency.

How Did The Pot Brownies Turn Out?

These brownies were strong. I’d estimate them at 20 mgs per two-inch by two-inch square and much more potent than what I expected to be left in the spent flower. Because the flower had been cooked in the oil it was broken down a bit and had less of the aftertaste or after-effects of eating a marijuana plant as in the college pot brownies but there was some of that taste and texture for sure which isn’t ideal but hey it’s much better than just throwing it away! So, if you are experimenting with infusing foods with cannabis, I highly recommend you pass the test and have fun mixing your spent flower with some sort of recipe from pesto to smoothie to salsa to brownies.

Spent Cannabis Pulp

How To Store Cannabis Pulp

Now that you have committed to using the cannabis pulp after your extraction we recommend storing your flower in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it. As always with concentrates, yes cannaoil is a concentrate, go slow and test before you open your culinary cannabis experience up to friends and family.

Test Taker College Pot Brownie Baker,
Herb Hightower

Herb Hightower is a freelance writer, and cannabis connoisseur reporting on all things cannabis for High Level Health.

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