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How To Clean Your Glass Bowl

Your Glass Bowl Needs A Clean

420 is in the rearview mirror and as the haze lifts, everyone’s glass bowls and bongs are toast. Herb Hightower here and we are going to walk through and rate different ways to get your favorite piece clean and hitting smooth. This isn’t a tutorial or an exhaustive list but rather a couple of options to try with stuff you could already have laying around the house. 

Vinegar Baking Soda Cleaned Bowl

For our first shot at getting our bowl clean, we’ll take a crack at using “Vinegar and Baking Soda” everyone loves a good chemical reaction, right? This method takes me back to science class each time the white vinegar hits the baking soda covering the pipe and the bubbles do the rest. To get started, grab a big dish or container to put your pipe in. Next, you’ll want some cheap-ass baking soda to pack all over the piece. Now grab a jug of white vinegar to pour into the container onto your bowl submerging it with a bubble explosion. Allow for fifteen minutes of soaking after the science experiment then remove the pipe from the bowl and rinse with warm water. The results of this method were great and looking back at the images it was the second-best clean by far and didn’t take long at all, we’ll give it a B+ all things considered.

ResRemover Cleaned Bowl

The fine folks at ResRemover did us a solid by making this an easy, clean process. For just a couple bucks, $6.99 if I remember correctly, you get a reusable pouch prefilled with an all-natural, plant-based formula and all you need to do is add water and soak overnight, then rinse the next day. ResRemover is super clean, easy to use, and worked really well on the small bowl I tested using it. Overall, this cleaning method rated out as the best clean we tried and required very little effort netting an A- and it would have been higher but you just have to plan ahead and know your pipe isn’t getting used that night.  

Water Boil Cleaned Bowl



Now for the throwback, resin bath cleaning! We’ll call this method the “Bowl Boil” which is sure to stink your house up and ruin your soup pot! This is the way many of us first learned how to clean our bowl, hopefully not in our parent’s pots or pans. When I go this route I usually find my nastiest pot and just toss it in the trash afterward. To get that glass cleaned, grab a pot, fill it halfway with water, add your piece to the bottom, very gently, and bring to a rapid boil. Once you have it boiling, back it down to a simmer and let it cook for thirty minutes. After your timer goes off remove the pot from heat, let cool and scoop out with something that isn’t going to break the glass piece. I remembered this working a little better but up against the other methods this didn’t stack up as I remembered and because of that and the resin lined pot we’ll give this a C+ for clean and ease of use. 

We couldn’t make the Shake and Bake of glass cleaning happen where you add rubbing alcohol and Epsom salt to a soft-sided container and shake the goo gone because rubbing alcohol is nowhere to be found during COVID19(click here for best weed for Pandemic movies). 

There are tons of other ways to get your bowl clean but again, most of these options are available to you without having to make a run to the store. So don’t delay, get your bowl cleaned today, and enjoy your modern-day, tasty pot the way growers intended it to be enjoyed!

Seriously Cleaned, 

Herb Hightower

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