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High Level Health Opens up Shop in East Tawas, Michigan

East Tawas: A Location of Peace

The Opening

The state of Michigan, much like many other states in the US, is opening up to the idea of the marijuana trade for both recreational and medical usages. High-Level Health Medical Dispensary, in particular, has opened a medical location in East Tawas, Michigan.

The Culture of Marijuana

Within the culture of cannabis use, many users agree that a peaceful, relaxing, or scenic environment is ideal. For this reason, the East Tawas location is excellent, as it is located next to Lake Huron and the Tawas Point State Park. Just in this area alone, there are many other parks and outdoor attractions within close proximity. Many of these parks consist of Federal and State land, so please be aware of Michigan’s public use laws. 

Medical Marijuana

Different rules may apply to different areas within these parks, but nonetheless, the scenery of the East Tawas town, in general, is calm and ideal for any smoker who may be battling an illness and in need of attaining joy, relaxation, and good health from an uplifting environment. As of right now, the High-Level Health East Tawas location solely caters to users for medical marijuana.

The Variety

This location is ADA accessible and currently only accepts cash. Concentrates,  Vaporizers, Edibles, Topicals, and Tinctures are all offered in East Tawas, much like High-Level Health’s Colorado locations.  Customers can be confident in the knowledge that the staff holds on the means in which cannabis can be ingested, as well as the various strains that are offered, consisting of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids.

Ethics Above All

This dispensary brand, as well as its location amongst nature, further proves that High-Level Health stands for using the most ethical methods in growing products They strive to grow plants in the same way that cannabis grows on its own in nature. In order to have the best quality of cannabis, it is important that the plants are hand-watered and inspected on a daily basis. This includes the use of UV air cleaners and a mandatory drying process that ensures that there is no mold growing on the plant and the buds are cured to perfection. 

Community and Savings

Cannabis is more than a recreational item or a medical benefit, as it represents a community and a culture. For this reason, all of the locations, including that in East Tawas, offers a loyalty program. It is important that customers feel welcomed, safe, and confident in their fairly priced purchases. For every dollar that is spent, a customer can earn 2% of the cash back on each of their purchases. Community and health is everything!

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