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Flo Cannabis Strain Review

Flo Cannabis Flower

Herb here floating down the South Platte River in Colorado to deliver another cannabis flower strain review and this time it’s the cool, dark, premium Sativa cannabis named Flo.  

Traveling from Chatfield Reservoir just south of the Denver metro area through downtown Denver, the South Platte river provides rafting as a great summer activity that is a ton of good, clean, inexpensive fun. Rafters can float through wildlife areas like the Carson Nature Center which are seemingly in the middle of nowhere but really are just in the middle of Littleton. In fact, you can put in your raft or tube at the C470 put in and pull out for a beer at Breckenridge Brewery about two and a half miles later. There are even four man-made chutes or “rapids” around the Reynolds Landing area, which is the take out for Breckenridge Brewery, that are a total blast. 

Ready for some fun? Have your novelty flamingo tube full of air? Not so fast, you do need to check the flow or CFS (cubic feet per second) to ensure there is enough water to push you down the river. The day old Herb jumped in and floated the South Platte with some friends it was flowing at 60 CFS. We’d never floated the South Platte before so this was a bit of an unknown but the flow was just right to have an awesome day on the river, anything less and you’ll walk more than you’d like and instead of a two-hour float, it could be an all-day scorcher.   

Strain Review

As you can see it’s all about the flow. This brings me to the topic of the day, marijuana, and the Flo flower strain to be exact! After doing some reading I found that this cannabis strain was named for its ability to reproduce and be harvested multiple times, hence the term Flo. Cheers to that, now let’s open up this eighth and see what Flo has to offer from an appearance, aroma, taste, and affects of a high standpoint. 

Flo Cannabis Strain

The Flo cannabis strain’s lineage is a cross between Purple Thai and Afghan and putting this puppy under the microscope you’ll see the bud’s appearance is dark color overall and has equal parts purple, orange, light and dark green. The dark purple marijuana leaves jut out and up around the nug. The actual shape of the buds is like a small Avocado. 

At first reviewing pot is all about effects which is the sexy part of unpacking a strain and how it makes you feel. But after a while, the nostalgia of that wears off and now my favorite part by a mile of reviewing pot is the aroma. It’s amazing how different marijuana can smell. I like to stick my nose deep into the plastic container that the pot comes in and take a couple of huge whiffs. When doing that with Flo I smell part skunk, part clean citrus but all amazingness. This was easily one of the best smelling pot strains on hand at the High Level Health dispensary near me. 

Now to pack a clean bowl with some fresh, ground-up Flo and put this frosty purple nugget to the test. I get a better sense of the real taste of flower when I take a pull with no fire first. Without a lighter my hit tastes like clean spearmint gum. Once I add fire to the equation my hit was smooth, definitely not harsh at all, and clean too like a pine tree would taste if you ate one, but you wouldn’t, no one eats trees. 

When reviewing awesome cannabis I like to limit my hits so after my usual four hits I sat back and relaxed. I really enjoyed this flower and it gave me drive and enthusiasm. I’d recommend this heavy, Max THC 33.89 Sativa for an aprés event following an epic activity like tubing and as a way to unwind. 

South Platte Flo,

Herb Hightower

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