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Cannabis Concentrates Series: What Are Rick Simpson Oil And High Level Hope Oil

This week’s blog post is from High Level Health’s Concentrates Team.

High Level Hope Oil (HLHO)

What Is High Level Hope Oil?

There are many forms of concentrates that are available to the Cannabis market but there is only one with the hype around aiding cancer recovery. There are also many names for this type of oil, its most widely recognized name is Pheonix Tears but can also be known as RSO (Rick Simpson Oil),  Dragon Tears, ISO (isopropyl oil), and ISO Hash. 

High Level Hope Oil is High Level Health’s version of this oil implementing our interpretation of what we believe can improve using our natural growing methods and intensive care for the medicinal qualities of the cannabis plant.

Why Is This HLHO Different From Other Concentrates?

Rick Simpson Oil

There are many concentrates on the market that are purer and come in beautiful, aesthetically pleasing consistencies such as hydrocarbon diamonds that are all the rave. With little to no reports that people have gained any medicinal value regarding cancer recovery…why?

The reason why hydrocarbons can be so pure is that the solvent used BHO (butane) or PHO (Propane) has the ability to attach to less of the material extracting cannabinoids and terpenes but leaving behind pigments, chlorophyll, nitriloside, and plant fats if winterized. Using solvents with more carbon attachments allows the solvent to capture all the material which other solvents leave behind. The idea behind the medicinal value doesn’t only come from the cannabinoids but the entourage of everything that is in the healing plant. Within this combination lies the secret to what makes this oil special so this points to why it is so important to have the best starting material possible.

Why is it Different From The Rest?

Rick Simpson, the founder of this process points out the biggest factor “quality starting material is the most important factor”. At High Level Health dispensaries, we have been striving to produce the highest quality of cannabis in Colorado and Michigan for the last 10 years, so we use the same intent and the best possible starting material available. 

Here are the key factors that drive the production of High Level Hope Oil.

  • The highest quality starting material
  • Ethanol extracted and lab tested for residual solvent
  • Cost-effective process – Since we are vertically integrated we can provide the best medicine for the cheapest price
  • Intent – We have created this product, not with the intention to make profits our intention is to provide a quality medicinal product to the patients who need it at an affordable price.

    High Level Hope Oil

Recommended Doses and Tips

There are a wide variety of doses and recommendations but a common recommendation is 60 grams of oil ingested within 90 days. Most normal people take a couple of weeks to be able to ingest 1 gram of oil a day so it is recommended to start small and work tolerances up to a gram a day. Some have found the effect of oil to be too strong during the day so consumption just before falling asleep can be tolerable. Having a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, or even better alkaline water is needed as you begin this healing process. Additionally, try to reduce or eliminate coffee, processed foods, and sugars. Always have positive thoughts and HOPE for the healing process to begin.

We are proudly producing High Level Hope Oil for those who would like to explore alternative healing practices at all our Colorado and Michigan dispensaries.

-High Level Health Concentrate Team

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