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Cannabis Concentrates: Cured Budder

This week’s blog post is from Herb Hightower’s column bringing together the cannabis community through strain reviews, tips and tricks, and industry updates.

The Evolution Of Cannabis Concentrates – Cured Budder

Welcome to the wild world and the new age of cannabis concentrates! Flower is and has always been amazingly perfect and a tried and true method of marijuana consumption. Edibles are discrete and easy on the respiratory system. But, oh my goodness, concentrates are a new level of living elevated.
This is the second post in a series of articles about the concentrate revolution and making sense of the cannabis concentrates world shared with you through the lens of a flower connoisseur but concentrate beginner, me Herb Hightower. Previously we wrote about the concentrates from a macro level in our Cannabis 101 article but this post aims to take a deep dive into one specific type of concentrate, mmmmmm cured budder.

What Is Budder?

Sour Cookies Cured Budder Container

Budder or Badder or Batter, it’s pretty much all the same. These classifications are interchangeable depending on the consistency and makeup of the product or how long the product sits allowing the terpenes to develop. A solvent like butane or propane is used for the extraction of the terpenes and THC to make budder. True to its name, this concentrate looks like a small amount of shiny butter in a glass container. There are many options when deciding how to enjoy budder with dabbing being the most likely method of budder consumption.

What Is Dabbing?

Dabbing is the process of heating up a surface, usually a nail which can be made of glass, titanium, quartz, or ceramics. Next, you’ll touch the concentrate of choice with that hot surface and then inhale through a dab rig which is just a tool to funnel the smoke into your lungs, think of something that looks like a bong or vape pen. Smoking dabs has existed for years but with the influx of concentrates into our local dispensaries, dabbing has literally exploded in popularity.
My method of intake was a battery-powered, buttonless terp pen or dab pen with ceramic coils that heat up upon inhaling, similar to a vape pen but without the oil cartridge attached. With the very hot coil end of the dab rig, you can use the terp pen to touch the concentrate while inhaling and voila, instant satisfaction. Terp pens give you the consumption flexibility of a dab rig but also instant on-the-go functionality of a vape pen.

Terp Pen

Sour Cookies Strain Review

Armed with 1.0 gram of High Level Health Sour Cookies, Cured Budder, and a fully charged terp pen I set off on a journey to try dabbing a concentrate for the first time. Remember I’m as big of flower fan as there is but concentrates are a foreign place as distant and strange as Jupiter to me. Because I was on this journey by myself, the first thing I realized is it’s a little hard to see what you are doing when you are holding a nail with budder on it in one hand and a dab pen in the other. Eventually, I was able to align the two but when I did I was initially concerned I was doing it wrong as I did not feel the copious amounts of smoke as I do with traditional flower cannabis. But, as the terp pen light started to flash I realized my first hit needed to come to an end so I stopped inhaling and reversed my lung course, exhaled, and OMG.

Sour Cookies Effects

The benefits of a dab rig are the quick effects whether you are looking for pain relief or a very potent high, either way, a dab rig initiates them immediately. With a Max THC of 79.8%, Sour Cookies Budder produces an incredible head-high, altering both mind and body in seconds. I found that high to be much different than what I’ve experienced with flower and edibles because of the rush of euphoria to the head and the clarity at which you are able to maintain with such an incredibly high THC count, more than three times the amount of the most potent, dispensary flower.

Sour Cookies Budder Appearance/Aroma/Taste

True to its name, cured budder, this concentrate looks like a small amount of butter in a glass container. The end product is yellowish in color and smells like the strain the product was extracted from. I feel like the terpenes were preserved well from the extraction as this concentrate tasted very sweet which is the iconic Mandarin Cookies flavor we all know and love.

Recommendations And Go Slow

I’d recommend Sour Cookies, cured budder for consumers who have little time because they need relief or the euphoric head high accompanying this amazing concentrate. Just remember if you are new to concentrates that you experiment cautiously because most forms are usually twice as strong as today’s incredibly potent recreational and medical cannabis flower you love.

Please visit us at one of our seven Colorado and Michigan High Level Health dispensaries and our knowledgeable budtenders will answer any questions you have about the wild world of cannabis concentrates.

Budderly Baked,
Herb Hightower

Herb Hightower is a freelance writer, and cannabis connoisseur reporting on all things cannabis for High Level Health.

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