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Cannabis Concentrates Series – Bubble Hash

Concentrate Series:  Bubble Hash Strain Review

This week’s blog post is from Herb Hightower’s column bringing together the cannabis community through strain reviews, tips and tricks, and industry updates.

The Evolution Of Cannabis Concentrates – Bubble Hash

Cannabis concentrates come in all shapes and sizes to satisfy all types of wants and needs. If you need to be discrete and quick about your business, edibles or vape pens are both great options. If you are looking for incredibly strong effects that radiate immediate results dabbing wax, sugar, or budder provide amazingly quick and potent highs. But if you are interested in flavor with maximum terpene profiles so good you’ll want to eat them by the bowlful then look no further than one of the older concentrate kids on the block, the amazingly delicious and also extremely potent Bubble Hash. 

Jump on board the cannabis concentrate train with me, Herb Hightower as we continue our series aimed at the wild world of marijuana concentrates. Bubble Hash is the focus today and for good reason, it is manufactured in a way that makes it arguably the purest form of concentrates and generally contains more than double the level of THC that today’s already strong flower possesses. 

What Is Bubble Hash? Appearance/Aroma/Taste 

If you are relatively new to cannabis concentrates the term Bubble Hash might be somewhat new to you. Now you may have come across Hash from your awesome uncle a couple of times growing up or maybe you’ve heard Hashish thrown out in a conversation before but for the majority of novice concentrate consumers out there you’re probably thinking, “what exactly is Bubble Hash?” Hash is the OG in the neighborhood and is literally the oldest form of cannabis concentrates, it basically started concentrates and for that we thank you Hash for opening the door to an amazing opportunity to consume new and amazing products. Traditional Hash is “pressed” tightly into a brick or chunk, usually brown or tan in color that you’ll need to break apart to consume in most likely a hash pipe. Bubble Hash is a variation of traditional hash produced in an ice bath by filtering cannabis flower trichomes, resin glands of the flower, through progressively smaller filter bags until you eventually separate just the trichomes from the cannabis plant. The ice bath is needed because the cold temperatures keep the trichomes cold and brittle so they snap off as they are agitated through the screens versus smear or partially rub off. The end product is not tightly pressed like traditional hash but rather unpressed to the point of it crumbling when you handle it. Bubble hash comes in a variety of colors from tan, to brown, to red with the higher qualities usually in the lighter colors. 

How Do You Consume Bubble Hash? 

Since Bubble Hash is the terpene-rich trichomes, which are basically dust particles, it can’t just be packed into any bowl by itself since it’s too fine and you’d just suck it down the pipe so it may be a bit more difficult than just packing a bowl of flower. 

So, how do you consume it? Bubble Hash is usually smoked in a hash pipe or added to flower to kick your traditional bowl up a notch, although it can be smoked using a dab rig. Many hash fans swear by a hash pipe which includes a screen of sorts to ensure the concentrate stays in the bowl. Protip:  Lay down a rug of nugs in the bottom of a bowl and then add your hash on top of your flower. As you go to light the bowl doesn’t directly burn the hash you’ve sprinkled on top but try and get the flame as close to the hash as you can without touching it and eventually, the hash will vaporize and bubble giving the hash its signature name and allowing you to just pull the vapor from the hash through your bowl.  

Why Do People Like Bubble Hash? 

Bubble hash is very different from most all concentrates because of the method of extraction. Most concentrates use a solvent, as described here, to extract the necessary parts of the cannabis plant. Bubble Hash relies on the ice bath agitation process and is therefore solventless which is considered by many to be the purest, cleanest method of extraction. 

In addition to using a pure extraction method Bubble Hash is also made for the terpheads out there packing extreme flavor profiles of deliciousness. Last but certainly not least Bubble has amazingly high levels of THC.  My most recent Bubble Hash purchase from the High Level Health dispensary near me scored a Max THC of 53.88% so it’s easy to see why people love it. Flower can top out at 23% like mandarin cookies, while other concentrates like Sugar can get up to 95.5%, eek. 

Where Can You Find Bubble Hash? 

Visit us at any of our seven Colorado and Michigan High Level Health dispensaries where our budtenders will be happy to point you in the right direction and discuss the cannabis concentrates we have available for our amazing customers. 

If you enjoyed reading up on Bubble Hash please check out our other cannabis concentrates journeys found here Sugar, Pot Brownie Recipe, Cured Budder, Cannabis Infused Oil Recipe, and Cannabis Concentrates 101.   

And now for the closing act, a hash joke. What do you get when you mix laxatives into hash brownies? Shits and giggles! 

Herb Hightower

Herb Hightower is a freelance writer, and cannabis connoisseur reporting on all things cannabis for High Level Health. 

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