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Another 18 Awards for High Level Health!

High-Level Health has had a very eventful awards season so far and it’s not even over yet! Since the beginning of March, we have added 18 awards to our lineup, from 4 competitions.

Most of these awards have been for our concentrates, which we started making about 7 months ago. We are proud to be creating award-winning concentrates so early into our concentrate venture and believe it is in large part due to our vertical integration.

We know exactly what goes into our products throughout every step of production and we wholeheartedly believe in providing superior cannabis to our customers.


At the 2019 THC Classic, hosted by Rooster Magazine, we were honored with two awards. The first award took us by surprise, as it was 1st Place Wax for our Blue Skunk. This is our first award for wax and our fourth ever award for concentrates.

The second award that we were honored with was Grand Champion Concentrates, again with our Blue Skunk wax. We were blown away by this award, as it means that our wax beat all of the other concentrate categories, like rosin and live diamonds, which are typically considered higher quality. As we soon found out, this was just the beginning of our concentrate awards this season.


During The 420 Concentrate Cup, hosted by Denver 420 Events, we were honored with 6 different awards, 4 of which were 1st place! These include 1st Place Sugar – Indica (Black Cherry Pie Punch Live Sugar), 1st Place Sugar – Sativa (Passion Orange Guava Live Sugar), 1st Place Diamond/ Distillate (Cataract Kush Live Budder), People’s choice (Black Cherry Pie Punch Live Sugar), 1st AND 2nd Place Overall Concentrate (GG #4 Live Budder and Black Cherry Pie Punch Live Sugar, respectively).

The only reason our Black Cherry Pie Punch Live Sugar was awarded 2nd Place Overall Concentrate was that it beat out by our very own GG #4 Live Budder. We were not expecting our concentrates to perform so exceptionally in this competition but we are very humbled by the fact that they did.


The next competition we participated in was the King of Cups at Speakeasy Vape Lounge in Colorado Springs. This competition featured celebrity judge & rapper Lil’ Flip.

We think it’s safe to say that he is a big fan of our flower & concentrates, as we were awarded Lil’ Flips Fave Flower (MAC 8) and Lil’ Flips Fave Concentrate (GG #4 Live Diamonds). Our GG #4 flower was awarded 1st Place flower, which is not too surprising as it has been a customer favorite for quite some time.

Our Passion Orange Guava Live Sugar was awarded 1st Place Overall Concentrate, while our Cataract Kush Live Budder was awarded runner up. Once again we beat ourselves out of first place for concentrates and this would not be the last time.


The final competition during the 420 season was the Connoisseur Cup, hosted by The Cannabis Connoisseur’s Coalition. Entries for this competition are purchased directly off the store shelves and are narrowed down through a series of qualifier events throughout the year. We kicked off this competition with the 1st Place Recreational Sativa award for our Mimosa flower, a newer strain for us.

We then went on to win another 4 awards for our concentrates. We were awarded 1st Place and Second Place for Recreational Live Diamond Sauce (Black Cherry Pie Punch Live Diamond Sauce and Bruce Banner Live Diamond Sauce respectively).

We were also awarded 1st Place Best Batters & Budders with our Cataract Kush Live Budder and 2nd Place Best Recreational Live Diamonds with our GG #4 Diamonds. We could not be more pleased with the outcome of this competition.

The High-Level Health team is no stranger to awards but all of us were thrilled by just how well our concentrates did in these four competitions. We find that these awards are validation for the efforts that we put forth every day to truly provide our customers with the highest quality cannabis products on today’s market.

We strive to create clean & superior products for those using cannabis for medical reasons and those using cannabis as their recreational substance of choice. Thank you to all of our team members for making these awards possible and thank you to all of our customers for inspiring us to truly be the best in our industry.

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