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Black Cherry Pie Punch Baking

Summer, summer, summertime! It’s your good buddy Herb Hightower here giving you some unsolicited opinions of High Level Health’s dankest buds. This time around I’ve got my hands on some super lovely ganja named Black Cherry Pie Punch which will be the focus of this strain review. 

Black Cherry Pie Punch Strain

Baking a pie is awesome for many reasons and over the last couple of years old Herb has made a Palisade peach pie each August. Side note, for anyone who hasn’t had Palisade peaches you need to get on the bandwagon and pick up a box of them right now and thank me later. Summer needs peaches to feel like summer and eating them one by one is amazing but making a pie is even better and super easy actually. All you need are five peaches, a cup of sugar, and some premade pie crust and you have yourself a little piece of heaven in forty-five minutes. But I always forget Colorado has some amazing black cherries as well which are also in season between June and August. So, this year with a little extra home time because of COVID-19, Black Cherry Pie Punch has given me the motivation to make a cherry pie to go head-to-head with the Palisade peach pie. 

Now that I’ve got the munchies, let’s unpack this bag to see what Black Cherry Pie Punch has to offer from an appearance, aroma, taste, and effects of a high standpoint. 

The eighth I picked up had a skunk level of dankness to it with a fruit finish. This was truly some of my favorite smelling pot next to Blue Skunk or maybe Mimosa. These nugs were small, dime-sized, dense, squishy, and had more orange than green with mid-level trichomes on the zoom in. The cool thing was once I ground the flower it turned into sticky dust like hash. The taste was strong on the inhale with earthy fruit but no citrus. With a Max THC of 25.5, the effects were a little stoney baloney but I will say this, I dropped my glass pipe over concrete and caught it in mid-air so there’s that. This pot fits in great for muscle relaxation needs and reading or any kind of board game.   

Sincerely stoned but munchies covered,

Herb Hightower

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