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Best Cannabis Strain For Video Games

Armed with my trusty remote control and a bag of High Level Health’s dankest flower, your dude Herb Hightower is going to walk you through the best marijuana strains for an all-out video game marathon. Whether you’re gearing up for a solo Grand Theft Auto rampage or rounding up the crew for some Call of Duty, we have the best ganja to keep you going. 

With nearly twenty cannabis strain reviews under our belts, and all of them ended with a game session, we’re pairing pot with video games just like wine and cheese, beer and pretzels, psychedelic mushrooms with whatever the heck shrooms go well with! So, which strain ranked as 2020’s best cannabis for playing video games on?  Continue reading my friend and we’ll walk you through our highest-graded pot for getting in the gaming zone.

Honorable Mention – Flo Sativa Cannabis

First up and our strongest on the list at 33.89 Max THC, we have a Sativa named Flo that we really enjoyed for its drive and enthusiasm which helps push through levels even late night. Flo makes the list for its longevity of high and vivid color experiences sure to make Mario Kart pop off of the screen right in front of you! 

Honorable Mention – Mimosa Sativa Cannabis

Mimosa jumps on the scene to provide gamers and delivers full pain relief for any aches experience from sitting for hours on end. Lots of different strains claim to ease the pain but never before have I found anything that comes close to the pain relief provided by Mimosa. In addition to pain relief, award-winning cannabis provides energy and focus as well as being the best tasting marijuana on the list. 

#3 – Black Cherry Pie Punch Indica Cannabis

This is the only Indica on the list but with a Max THC of 25.5, the effects are amazing for video games as this is THE pot for getting in the zone. Between smoking this weed and jumping onto a Red Dead Redemption 2 session I dropped my glass pipe over concrete and caught it in mid-air so when I say getting in the zone I mean pure concentration. Black Cherry Pie Punch can make four hours go by without even a blink of the eye. This pot also ranked by far as the best pot for board games with friends.

#2 – Amnesia OG Sativa Cannabis

Although Amnesia OG can produce a spacey high at its peak, this  23.42 Max THC Sativa provides short bursts of intense energy perfect for gaming and it’s those short bursts that also provide the spacey effect. If you are like most gamers and interested in the escape video games provide then Amnesia OG is tailor-made for that escape. I’d also recommend this strain to people looking for self-entertainment making this flower one of the best strains for 2020s sheltering at home!

#1 – Platinum Valley Sativa Cannabis

Platinum Valley Cannabis Strain

Lock the doors and turn on the PS4, it’s time to pack a bowl of the best pot on the planet for gaming. This behemoth Sativa, weighing in at a Max THC value of 24.00%, transforms your brain into the most creative gaming mind you’ve ever had the privilege of owning. The best way I can describe the feeling of my mind racing a million miles a minute in a good way while gaming on Platinum Valley was like when Alan from the Hangover movie goes into the zone to win all the money at the casino. Platinum Valley is hands down Herb’s choice for best weed to smoke while playing video games.  

Game on,

Herb Hightower

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