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April Deals & Happenings – Colorado

Stay safe out there & remember to wash your hands!

Dixie Vendor Highlight 

40% off all Dixie Products (Excluding Bursts)

Month of April

“At Dixie, we believe that cannabis is powerful, that quality is important and that accurate dosing is everything. Which is why, since 2010, we’ve been leading the industry through research, education, and advocacy. And we’ve established ourselves as the trusted source for innovative, safe, effective and delicious cannabis products along the way. We handcraft every product with pure-extracted THC and a process we’re proud of. We go far above and beyond the mandated batch testing and triple lab test every product we sell. Because when it comes to cannabis, consistency, and accuracy are highly important. At Dixie, we’re a lot more than the producers of THC-infused products. We are the future of cannabis.” – From the Dixie Website

Learn more about Dixie Here!
*Inventory may vary from location to location

Dixie Products

7Sacred Vendor Highlight

Receive a Truffle 2 Pack for 10 Cents with the Purchase of any Truffle 10 Pack

Month of April

“7Sacred is a leading cannabis brand intent on creating a holistic approach to the cannabis market, mindfully crafting small-batch edibles infused with premium cannabis so you can indulge, nourish and unwind.” – From the Bronnor Website

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7Sacred Espresso Hazelnut Chocolate

Tastebudz Vendor Highlight

Buy 2 Get 1 for 10 Cents

Month of April

“In an oversaturated market, making consumers WANT a new gummy is not an easy task, so they took a different route with their edible to take it to the next level. TasteBudz’s gummies are chewy, not sugar-coated, delicious, and have no hash after taste. TasteBudz uses pure, never purged or filtered, CO2 oil that always tests over 70% combined with only the highest quality ingredients. To be the best, you must use the best. You must also have the best team in place. For this reason, all products are made from scratch in the kitchen using craft batches. Craft batches ensure quality and homogeneity of the cannabis used. Currently, TasteBudz provides four flavors and each flavor is Indica/Sativa specific. This assures that you are consuming an edible and getting the desired effect.” – From the Tastebudz Website

Learn more about Tastebudz Here!
*Inventory may vary from location to location

Tastebudz Gummies

CanyonTHC Vendor Highlight
25% off all CanyonTHC products
Month of April
“We’ve been producing the finest cannabis-infused products for the medical marijuana industry since 2010. In that time, we’ve developed a very loyal following of businesses and customers. With the legalization of recreational marijuana, we were able to bring our products to a brand new audience, while continuing our stringent mission: To develop a line of wholesome cannabis-infused products that are flavorful, discreet, and ACCURATELY medicated using the cleanest extraction process possible. Our team is constantly pioneering the finest flavors and taste experiences with each and every product we create.” – From the CanyonTHC website.
Learn more about CanyonTHC Here!
*Inventory may vary from location to location

Canyon THC Lick It Sour Boysenberry

Cheeba Chews We Got Chew Promo
10th Year of Cheeba Chews
Month of April

In celebration of their 10th Anniversary, Cheeba Chews is running a brand new instant win promotion for the month of April! All you have to do is purchase Cheeba Chews then peel the sticker off or match three symbols for a chance to win! There will be over 60,000 winners in the state of Colorado!
Check out the Cheeba Chews Facebook page Here!

We Got Chew

Cheeba Chews Vendor Highlight

25% off all Cheeba Chews products

April 12th – April 18th

“High standards from the very beginning. Born in 2009, Cheeba Chews™ has maintained one simple and clear mission: to provide an industry-leading, consistently potent, and discreet cannabis-infused edible solution. What makes Cheeba Chews™ so successful? It’s our high standards utilizing independent lab testing, product infusion, and genuine patient experience. You now have an edible that you can easily dose and regularly depend on. The variety of edibles in the Cheeba Chews™ product line helps to serve a wide demographic. From patients looking for Cannabidiol (CBD) for non-psychoactive relief to those who require a high concentration of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), our products are thoughtfully created and carefully infused. -From the Cheeba Chews website

Learn more about Cheeba Chews Here!
*Inventory may vary from location to location

Cheeba Chew Products

Binske Vendor Highlight

25% off all Binske products

April 12th – April 25th

“In order to select optimum ingredients, it is essential to understand where, how, and when such ingredients are harvested. That’s why we have invested considerable time learning their ideal conditions. Our luxurious products are grounded by the human connection they yield. Each and every indigenous community benefits from harvesting our raw ingredients. Seasonality is part of this — we have spent time learning the growth cycle, and ideal environmental conditions of each natural ingredient. We use this specialized knowledge to meticulously decide when each raw ingredient is at its ripest — only then do we harvest. We embrace a true hands-on, homegrown culture, whilst sourcing the best raw ingredients from around the world.” – From the Binske Website. 

Learn more about Binske Here!
*Inventory may vary from location to location

Binske Chocolate

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