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Amnesia OG Will Set Your Mind Free

Howdy all, coming at you with a blog about a bud. Amnesia OG flower from the High Level Health Dispensary on Lincoln Street to be exact and we’ll be reviewing it to see how it gets the job done in style.

Amnesia OG Cannabis Flower

Remember those matching card games where you flip over a card with a face on it and then you have to remember which other card has that same face from an entire pile? At the beginning of the game, it was pure luck and hilarious watching your competitors flip over a card and not being able to remember where the match was. You were positive you knew exactly where the matches were until your turn came and you botched the same attempt at finding the character you laughed at your buddy for not remembering where the match was. But, after a couple of failed attempts, you started to remember things a little more clearly and the matches came in waves as you closed out the game. The Amnesia OG strain is kind of like the moment in the game when you know where the characters are but it’s just a little hazy connecting the two correct cards and instead of looking like a fool and making a mistake you just go hunting for a new character.

From card games to serious strains with these cannabis reviews we focus on appearance, aroma, taste with and without flame, and effects of high.
First up is appearance and the nugs in my eighth of Amnesia OG were super dense and thick bundles of joy. Checking out the color for this strain and it is an overwhelmingly light neon green bud almost like bodybuilder’s arms but then veined out, I’m talking covered and divided by distinct orange veins bulging between the neon green with random patches of dark green. Never seen it before like that where the orange spidered throughout the nug so vividly. Low-level trichomes did glisten over these small, closely manicured buds but not overwhelmingly like Papaya Punch.

On to aroma and pre-light Amnesia OG does have a little skunk citrus odor but not a dank as Blue Skunk. After a quick grind and another whiff, I was welcomed to more sweetness than before.

It’s go time now so I pack a freshly cleaned bowl and take a pull without flame and am rewarded with a crisp, sweet, citrus flavor. Next up is the real thing and once I put a lighter to flower the crisp sweetness is replaced with what I can best describe as spicy, sweet, garden flavors.
After four hits, which is what I shoot for when reviewing Sativa cannabis flower, I instantly became spacey at the peak of high and had a hard time concentrating. At 23.42 Max THC this flower left my mind racey but I did experience short bursts of thought although clarity was not one of them. I’d recommend this strain to people looking for gaming action or self-entertaining not so much for crowd activities, making this strain great for sheltering at home.

Wait what were we talking about?

Herb Hightower

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