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5 Ways Microdosing With Cannabis Will Improve Your Life

Microdosing with cannabis is a trend that is getting quite a bit of traction in the medical marijuana world. Though there are self-proclaimed microdosing “experts” on the Internet, the process is a simple one and unique to each individual. Simply consume small amounts of marijuana on a regular schedule. Your goal is to smoke, vape or eat enough THC to fall just below the threshold of getting high. This allows you to enjoy the medical benefits of THC while avoiding the “stoned” effect that can be demotivating and anti-social.

Patients are turning to microdosing to treat depression, stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia and as a means to remain focused. Doctors are beginning research on microdosing’s effects on PTSD symptoms. But what are the advantages of microdosing over just “getting high?”

5 Ways Microdosing Benefits You:

1. Less is More

Some people with anxiety related disorders have reported that consuming cannabis makes them prone to anxiety or paranoia. Microdosing allows them to experience the positive social aspects of THC without consuming enough to cause a “freak-out.”

A study published in the Journal of Pain describes a study in which a group of cancer patients was showing poor results with painkillers. The patients were each given a compound containing CBD and THC in varying doses over time. This study found that those patients who were provided the lower doses experienced less pain while those who received higher doses experienced more.

2. Edibles Make Medicating Easy

Due to their uniformity of dosing, edibles are the preferred method of microdosing. Just eat your preferred dose of cannabinoids discreetly on a regular schedule, and your cannabis consumption becomes as simple as taking a prescription.

3. Productivity Can Go Way Up

Silicon Valley coders and SoCal creatives reportedly favor microdosing as a “productivity tool.” Low levels of THC provide creative motivation while avoiding couch lock. And microdosing has the added benefit of boosting social confidence and mood, which leads to a much more relaxed and productive workplace.

4. Save Money

With marijuana microdosing, you never develop a tolerance, so you don’t need to increase your intake over time. And, naturally, consuming small amounts daily instead of taking regular bong hits or eating three brownies a day will make your stash last much longer!

5. Be More Social

Microdosing on cannabis is exceptionally useful for alleviating the effects of social anxiety; especially when compared to alcohol. Users avoid the tension that could result from overconsumption while enjoying elevated mood and focus.

We have two dispensaries in Denver, one on Colfax Ave and one on Lincoln Street. Both are staffed with our experts in cannabis ready to keep you up to date on the latest news in the world of microdosing.

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