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5 Strains To Keep Your Energy Levels High and Active

As the marijuana industry begins to grow, more and more cannabis shops are opening ? specifically in the city of Denver. While many stigmas have developed around weed smokers over the years with labels such as “burn out”, “couch potato”, and “lazy” being wrongly associated, the education on different strain effects begins to steer the biases away.

Much like different medications, foods, and drinks, marijuana strains have varying effects. Cannabis dispensaries, as exemplified in Denver, began leading the industry in educating customers on the varying impacts different strains have on one’s body and energy levels.

Though it is true that certain strains of weed are used for relaxation and easing the body into a restful state, there is not much awareness on the many marijuana strains used to heighten awareness and focus which leads to increased productivity.

Cannabis products labeled “Indica” have the mellow, relaxing effect more commonly associated with marijuana, whereas, products labeled “Sativa” promote happiness and uplifted energy. Many weed smokers prefer Sativa strains as they help keep them focused on tasks like chores, creative projects, and other kinds of thought demanding work done throughout the day.

Of course, it is important to remember that the effects of each strain differ by individual. One customer may claim Sativa provides them with high-attentivity and alertness, whereas another may feel nothing but hyper-alert and anxiousness. Because of this, it is important to gradually try new strains, consulting your local dispensary.

High Level Health has developed many unique strains of Sativa by utilizing a top-notch soilless growth process to achieve the best strains for energy! Here are some of the top choices for new and old smokers to try:

Sour OG

If you want to try a Sativa strain for your first time, you may want to start with a hybrid. High Level Health’s Sour OG is a perfect 50/50 mix of Indica and Sativa. The effects are well balanced, calming the body but leaving the mind sharp. Sour OG is a great smoke for a relaxing day or winding down at night. It is the perfect blend for beginners first venturing into a Sativa strain.

Platinum Valley

Platinum Valley is one of High Level Health’s signature strains. It is a proud winner of the 2016 Colorado Cup for Best Sativa, among many other awards. This strain is highly potent with stimulating cerebral effects often described to be felt in the face and eyes, leading to an alert and focused state of mind. The taste and smell of Platinum Valley is compared to a sweet lemon with earthy and spicy undertones. This strain is definitely a favorite among High Level Health customers and employees alike.

Pepe Le Fuel

Pepe Le Fuel is another marijuana strain exclusively developed in High Level Health’s breeding program. With its earthy, yet sweet aroma and taste, this strain causes a nice cerebral effect all while leaving the body feeling mellow and relaxed. This makes it another great choice for those trying their first Sativa strain.

Silver Grapes

This strain is a great one to smoke when you’re first starting your day! Another sativa hybrid with positive, stimulating effects impacting the mind and body almost immediately. With its strong citrus smell and taste, harking back to its lineage from Silver Sour Diesel Haze, this strain is sure to start your morning off right!

Silver Aviator

Silver Aviator is a great sativa strain, often enhancing the consumer’s mood and leaving them feeling happy and uplifted. With strong cerebral effects, this is a great strain to be enjoyed in social settings. Earning its lineage from parent strains Silver Grapes & Jet Fuel, this potent smelling and tasting strain is a prime choice for a fun experience.

Remember when trying new strains it’s important to gradually smoke and ease into the new experience. Visit High Level Health today to learn more about these five strains and even more!


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